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Jamie began practicing yoga in her mid-teens when she took her first class as an act of teenage ‘rebellion’. ¬†All during her years as a professional figure skater, Jamie practiced yoga under the powerful guidance of Jonny Kest, Eric Paskel, and the Bikram community. Jamie soon became certified with Kest and his team and started teaching classes to skaters (and moms!) before entering Cornell University.

At Cornell, Jamie began to investigate nourishment and catharsis. Under the supervision of professionals and with a committed yoga practice, Jamie recovered from an eating disorder and represented the US on the 2006 Olympic Team. Jamie then returned to Cornell where she became a committed advocate for eating disorder recovery and she finished her degree: ‘Catharsis in Artistic Media’.

Post university, Jamie began sharing her teaching with the Cornell and Ithaca community. Jamie was quickly embraced for her POSITIVE, athletic, fluid, philosophical teaching style. In 2010, Jamie developed the karma project BEyoga (Body Empowerment Yoga) that benefits eating disorder recovery which she has brought to eating disorder treatment centers and yoga studios around NY. Additionally, Jamie now works as yoga therapist and support professional for the recovery community in WA.

Most recently, Jamie trained with Dana Flynn, Ali Cramer and the Laughing Lotus family. Although she has practiced many asana styles, Jamie has never really stopped flowing. Thirteen years later, Jamie is jazzed to share her love of rocking asana and kick-mind philosophy with the Seattle community at her studio The Grinning Yogi. All with a smile of course!

Jamie is an E-RYT 500, US Olympian, Lululemon Ambassador and Health Counselor.